Margarita Labra's Portfolio

Flowers in Chania

W.H Adamson Collegiate Academy

The high school Collegiate Academy offers us as students the opportunity to earn credit for college. This gives us as students the opportunity to earn an associate degree and a diploma when we graduate high school. The collegiate is exciting and fun, you get to meet new people and experience and learn new things. I am proud of saying that i am the second generation of the Collegiate Academy. The academy is mainly about technology and working with computers Software programing and hardware of computers. I chose to work with Software of computer programing IT. This is a little bit challenging because it is like a new language for computers that I have to learn. It is very exciting and fun being in the academy.

Process for FTP

FTP allows new web pages created by an individual to show up on the Internet. FTP essentially transfers these web page files to the computer server so others can access them. FTP can also be used to download files or programs from the Internet to your computer. ftp which means File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files between computers anad a network